Sunday, May 3, 2009

Saint George, Utah Photography

What you get:

I am currently only offering the pictures I take on a cd, then you can take the cd wherever you want to get prints. All the original pictures I take along with all the edited pictures will be on the cd. If you need help with where or how to get reprints I can help. I will take some of the best pictures and do color editing on them, such as black and white, sepia, vintage coloring, etc. and add those to the originals on the cd. You will probably end up with over 100 pictures to choose from, and let me just warn you, you may have a hard time deciding which ones to print!

I currently photograph:
  • Newborns, babies and children
  • Teens
  • Senior Pictures
  • Maternity Pictures
  • Families

I have a studio in my home for babies and children, with wood floors and a variety of colored and black and white backgrounds. I also do on location photography anywhere in the St. George or surrounding areas. I will travel further for an additional cost.

Photographing Babies

New Borns

It is best to get your babies' first pictures within the first two weeks after their born, and even better within their first week. Week old babies tend to sleep better through pictures and will let you position them more. Contact me as soon as possible for newborn pictures so we can schedule a time when they are in their first two weeks!

I love to photograph newborns in their bithday suit, but if you have a blessing dress or other outfits that you want to get pictures in, bring those too. Also think about any blankets or meaningful props you would like to use. I have many props also. Ruffly bloomers for girls is cute, along with fun accessories like headbands or hats, and jewelry. For boys bring any hats or leggings you might have. I sell baby bracelets if you would like to buy some for pictures. Let me know in advance if you want some for your pictures. They are $5 each.

Sitting Age

The best time to get pictures of babies is around 5 to 7 months, before they can crawl, but just after they've learned to sit on their own, and sometimes stand up to things. This age is perfect because they can't crawl away yet.

You can do as much or as little clothing as you like at this age. Bright colors go the best with my style of photography. Avoid plain white or black tops, they can wash faces out. Accessories are also fun for this age, like hats or shoes or jewelry.

1st Birthday

For your child's first birthday we can do pictures of them making a mess in a cake for bithday announcements. You may bring a small cake or cupcake for them to eat and play in, balloons, and a birthday hat. Whatever you can think of, we can try!

Clothing- as much or as little as you like, just remember funky and colorful is usually more fun with my style of pictures.


Lots of layers of clothing is cute on children, along with hats or scarves and accessories. Bright and playful colors are best. Avoid plain white or black tops.


I like to do teens or tweens in outdoor locations where they can play and I can get a variety of candid and posed pictures. I will go to any St. George or surrounding areas, or further for an additional fee. Bring as many outfits as you want and we will use whatever we can get to in the time we have.

Senior Pictures

I love all styles of senior pictures. We can do outdoor, urban, rustic, whatever! Bring a few different outfits so we can get a variety of looks and styles. You can also bring your cap and gown if you want pictures in that too. Don't forget shoes that go with your outfits, that includes dress shoes and black socks for guys if you want a picture in a suit (can't forget those!), heels for girls for more of a dressy look, and don't forget about any accessories for your outfits, like jewelry or hats. Avoid all white or black shirts if at all possible because they tend to wash out faces.

If you have any hobbies that you would like to incorporate into the pictures bring props for those also, like a basketball if you play basketball, or a guitar if you play or if you like to ride motorcycles bring one if you can or have one, or if you have a car or something you like, bring it! We'll get some fun pictures with whatever you can think of.


Maternity pictures can be in the studio or outdoors, it all depends on the look you want. The most traditional are probably studio with black or white backgrounds. Bring a few different outfits and be ready to show off that beautiful baby bump! We can do clothed pictures or bring something that can be hidden for nude looking photos. Children and/or husband are welcome to be in the pictures also.


Best time to get outdoor family pictures is either early morning or later evening when the sun gives some longer shadows to work in. Direct sun makes aweful shadows, so those times of day work best, or cloudy days (when we acutally get those in St. George!).

Family sessions usually last 1-2 hours and I will do pictures of everyone together and a variety of single ones or whatever you would like to do. Prices vary on how long we are taking pictures and how large of groups we do.

If you are wanting family and single pictures you can bring a couple changes of outfits if you want more of a variety. Avoid all white or black clothing next to the face, it can wash out skin tones.